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Updated: Dec 7, 2021

This blog is my take on marketing and being in the business world so young. I can't wait for you to read all I am excited to share. First stop, marketing.

Marketing is the key to keeping the economy booming without being "salsey". I was told that when I first entered the marketing field, I semi-agree. An example of semi-agreeing is like this. We've all gone into a store where there is someone out front with some form of direct sales. The first few things that come to mind for me are:

-Is this that phone or TV company trying to get me to sign up for something

-Avoid eye contact so I don't have to awkwardly say "No, Thank you."

-I just need to get my groceries

Direct sales are vital to some companies, and those people are doing their jobs. I hold no ill will towards them for that, I actually applaud them for the hard work it takes to be in direct sales. I've done it before myself and I didn't love it. I found that I want to be able to entice people to want a product. I don't want them to buy it because I was conveniently standing there for them to decide to get it. I want it to be a cause and effect happening. Such as, they happened to see a poster, business card, or social media post and decided they wanted the product.

Regardless of my personal opinion on direct sales, they have a massive impact on some industries. Subsequently, without those industries, the economy wouldn't change. That doesn't negate the impact marketing does either, it is as important.

I found that when I am in the marketing world, I get to explore my creativity. I am looking for new ideas, inspiration, and like any artist a muse. With marketing my muse is never one single subject, it's everything. It's a constant flow of people in a department store, a man in a ball cap leaning against the wall, and then it strikes. The commercial I've been trying to piece together just fell into the world around me.

That's not just a man in a ball cap, it's the owner of a tech company taking the subway in a busy city. He is holding his new product that is about to drop (for this case we'll say a new phone with a specialized phone case). Someone in a group stops and mentions his phone case having an awesome design. He then gets to share with the group of people why he loves this phone. He doesn't brag about being the next Steve Jobs, he doesn't even say who he is. He isn't in a fancy suit, taking limos, and private cars. He is a guy who loves his phone and talking with those around him in casual conversation about why he loves it. He isn't the corporate executive everyone gets frustrated with, he is simply a "man with a phone".

I use this as an example because it shows a lot about how I pick apart the environment around me. I am a firm believer we never stop learning, we never stop growing, and inspiration can come from anywhere.

This example also shows how my brain focuses on people rather than products. Yes, the product is mentioned, that's the point of the commercial right? Yet, there's so much more to it. Who is using the product? Why are they using it? What makes the phone and that company unique and different?

Every day people are using the product. They're using it for communication when they can't stop someone in the subway to ask about it. The defining factor that makes that brand stand out is its ability to be humble, nothing more, and showy.

Now, don't get me wrong. I understand that in some cases showy is what sells. We see it posed in form of storytelling. There's a character and they want to change. Their ability to change is to be determined, regardless every story begins with this idea. Who is our character and who do they want to be at the end. I think there is a fine line and balance in the ideals of extravagance and being a "normal joe".

Showy sells because people want to feel like they have that lavish lifestyle that's just out of reach. They also don't want to have to change their happy day-to-day lives and lose who they are in the process.

So that brings me to why I'm in marketing. I like sharing the ideas I have with others. I thrive off of putting the ideas that swirl in my head out for the world to see. I love the dynamic aspect of marketing, you can market anything.

I have worked in many fields of marketing and enjoyed them all. However, sports marketing is fully where my heart lies. I don't care what age is playing. I don't care what sport it is (I have my favorite sports but we all do). I don't care who is playing - unless it's Trea Turner or Christian McCaffrey, then my marketing might be biased. If only I was that lucky.

For me the thrill comes from standing on the sidelines of a sports game with my camera, snapping pictures. Feeling the electricity of the fans in the stands, mixed with the buzz from the players. Then using those pictures and feelings to re-create a moment; one that brings them back to where they were but where they hope to be again.

At the end of the day, that's what marketing is to me. It's a form of bringing you back to an idea, a memory, or allowing you to feel like you're in the experience. It puts a smile on people's faces and that's how I get to give back.

I look forward to your thoughts as you browse the site. Feel free to reach out for ideas, consults, or to just tell me what piece was your favorite.

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