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About Shiann


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About Me

Hi, my name is Shiann, pronounced like the capital of Wyoming.

I'm your typical creative mind who is always on the go. I thrive off of coffee, snuggles from my babies, and exploring new places constantly. I started this site as a way to share my planning and photography portfolio but realized it had the potential to be so much more. It is constantly growing just like me; it's an extension of who I am and who I will be one day. 


I started working at the age of 14 for family friends. My first job was as a hostess/waitress, really exciting stuff. Since my start in the working world, I've been in some form of customer service or hospitality.

From there I worked in multiple industries finding who I was as a person- retail, food, customer service, marketing, etc. Eventually, I began college and started working in marketing while going to school full-time. I found a drive and respect in event planning and being a wedding planner. It was bound to happen after having to re-plan my own by myself three times due to Covid. 

Why Weddings and Photography?


My passion stems from constantly having creative thoughts flow through my mind. I find excitement in working with others because it gives me the ability to expand my knowledge and discover new ideas. I am a strong believer that we never stop learning, no matter how extensive our background may be.

Photography has been a joy of mine for as long as I could remember. I love being on both sides of the camera which I believe helps me work with any clients, from the most outgoing to the shy and timid ones that are ready to break out of their shells. Not to mention the smiles and confidence that exude from a person when they see their photos again, it's better than Christmas morning joy. 

My adoration for wedding planning is much like photography. It all started with planning my parent's wedding when I was a teenager, then helping other family members. I never thought of it as a job, more or less as a fun side project. Then I had to re-plan my wedding three separate times (thank you pandemic)- it became a bit of work at that point. I took a small break after my own wedding and realized how much I missed planning, which led me to diving head first back into it. I found a venue and became their official day of coordinator, all while building up S.M.Hagan. 

But Shiann there's more to this site than a wedding portfolio.

Yes, there is. As I said, I'm a creative person. I love working with the arts, crafting, and designing all the time. My relaxation comes from making jewelry, crocheting blankets, and painting. I might as well be your trendy grandma, and I'm okay with that. Just like your grandma I wanted a way to share my creations with you, thus the start of SMH Comfort.

I hope you enjoy looking through everything and please feel free to reach out with any questions.


Let’s grow together and stay ahead of the trends,


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